The House Of Tap Project

The House of Tap Project was initially conceived by Daniel Leveillé in 2013. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, supported by 136 contributors and four sponsors (Operation Tap, Ruben Sanchez Dancewear, So Dança and Sue Burckhardt), the project finally materialized in November 2015, thanks to Alain Crevoisier (developer), Tabata Hyppolite, Sam Luk (graphic designers) and many others.

Visit our crowdfunding campaign and check the videos that 12 young tap dancers around the world recorded to promote the project

See the list of our helpers here.

The goals set for the platform are numerous:

  • promote tap dance on a global scale;
  • help tap dancers from around the world to come into contact;
  • allow dancers to promote their work for free;
  • facilitate access to tap dance for beginners;
  • educate dancers and people who don’t know about tap;
  • initiate discussions and debates about tap dance and try to find solutions to make the art form move forward.

The House of Tap Project can be divided into two distinct sections:

The database

It allows the website users, once they have created an account on the website or via Facebook, to create profile pages in the following categories: artists, schools, companies, festivals, shows, organisations, events. The ‘artist’ pages are reserved for professional dancers and teachers. The ‘company’ pages are also reserved for professionals. To guarantee the quality of the profile pages presented on the website, they are checked by an administrator before being posted on the platform.

These pages are all organised in the same way. Users can add photos, an introduction, contact links to social media, as well as videos showing their work. Furthermore, the pages can be linked to one another. For example, a professional dancer can link his page to the school where he teaches, the company in which he dances or the next workshop that he will be giving. Likewise, a school can promote a workshop by creating an event and linking that page to the school’s profile page etc.

The critical content

This can be found in the sections on the website’s homepage: the blog, the spotlight, and the « picture/video of the week » section.

The blog contains reposts of existing articles as well as posts written by a group of writers chosen by the website’s administration. These articles can be about any theme in relation to tap dance: history, personal experience, interviews, book, documentary or film reviews, video presentations, etc.

The spotlight section allows the administration to feature a profile page contained in the database to promote a school, an artist, an event, a festival, etc. for one to two months.

The idea of the project is to promote tap dance as a modern art form all over the globe for all kinds of tap enthusiasts: people wishing to start tap dancing, beginners, amateurs, professionals, promoters, agents, sponsors, etc., by giving an open access to a database updated on a daily basis by the users of the website and the administrators. Anyone can register and add to the database by creating new profile pages, filing new events and writing stories.

This site uses a revolutionary new tool called "kinaps", which compiles all the information of the website in an innovative and intuitive way, helping you to compare the various profile pages of the website on one screen. Check it!

How does the site work?

If you want to be part of our project, all you have to do is register or connect to via your Facebook account by clicking on « login » in the menu. You will then be able to create new profile pages, new events, write articles in the forum and post comments on the articles already published.

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