Odessa Tap Festival

WHERE: The coast of the Black Sea, Odessa, Ukraine WHEN: 23-27 August 2016 PARTICIPANTS: everyone, who loves Tap, who wants to dance like a star TEACHERS: only the legends and the champions of the Tap World The Festival’s mission is to present a wide variety of excellent dancers, enrich the lives of the people of Odessa and make friends with the art of tap. Place Odessa provides you with its long sandy beaches and picturesque views, as well as with the historic city of Odessa, the most beautiful in Ukraine - it makes an ideal host for the world-class performers. Opportunities The week long event contains master workshops, performances, tap jams, dances, and more. Don't miss out on the opportunity to get into the studio with our amazing headliners! Check out the schedule break down to see what we have to offer. We believe that Ukraine can become an international destination for those who dream of tap. We hope the sea will inspire you . Come to us and get unforgetable emotions. Director The current Director is Alexandr Ostanin, World Tap Champion, who has been leading the Festival team and Ukrainian Tap Development. “The festival is a dream to unite taplovers from all over the world in the most beautiful city of Ukraine, in Odessa, at the Black Sea coast” So, if you are really proud of tap, if you are ready to work hard, you must be there! You must be the witness of this historical event. See you soon at Odessa Tap Festival!
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