Berlin Park Jam

Park Jam every Sunday at 4:00pm here:[,13.4197558/@52.4862696,13.4199768,18z?hl=en](,13.4197558/@52.4862696,13.4199768,18z?hl=en) What’s this about? The jam is intended as a platform for tap dancers to exchange, share and trade rhythms/steps and for Berlin's tap community to grow closer. Everyone is welcome! All levels, all styles, all supporters. Props to bring: a “tappable” board, shoes AND a step, a rhythm, a game, a song, an idea... We also appreciate curious spectators and park dance newbies. For that we’ll gladly share our boards. As usual “the more the merrier”, so spread the word! For real-time info, such as weather conditions, transport delays etc. check the event in our facebook group: [](
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