Mad Tap Fest: The Tap Dance Festival of Madrid

Posted by Mad Tap
In celebration of International Tap Dance Day (25 May 1989), Mad Tap Fest: The Tap Dance Festival of Madrid will unite artists from the United States, Europe, and Spain for a great show of Rhythm and Music and the Inauguration of a weekend full of workshops and performances with the Boston Tap Company, Sean Fielder (USA), Paris Tap Crew and his Shuffle Project (France), Cutting Contest of OneMoreTap (Spain), Jam Sessions, contests , Street dancing and many other activities that will bring us closer to the culture surrounding the most percussive dance of the Jazz genre. Well known as a humorous mechanism for Fred Astaire to Woo Ginger Rodgers in many films, VI MAD TAP FEST: The Tap Dance Festival of Madrid presents the opportunity to get to know and experience this dance close up, without the top hat and cane, but with all the magic. Whether meeting knew rhythmic heroes in the showings of rare films, trying out your first tap class in sandals or, thinking of the big kids as well as the small ones, participating in MAD TAP KIDS full day of classes, crafts, videos, pizza and even a contast of “rhythmic ideas” for the chance to share their creatiton with an audience of their peers in the Jazz For Kids concert at the Prestigious Bogui Jazz Club. And you never know, Mad Tap Fest has appeared on TeleMadrid and Spanish National Radio! These pre-fest activities are open to everyone of all ages and skill levels from May 21st until the 24th. Directed by the American Jazz vocalist and choreographer T.J. Jazz, the programming of the VI Mad Tap Fest: The Tap Dance Festival of Madrid also boasts collaborations with ARS Esccuela de Música y Artes Escénias, Tap Andalucía, Amor De Dios, La Escuela de Danza Creativa, John O’Brien, Carlos Cayuela, Miriam Lopez and More. International Tap Dance Day is celebrated in cities across the globe in an attempt to pay homage to not only the great artists that have shaped this artform, but also to those who practice it for the Love of Art. Barcelona was the first Spanish city to join in this international celebration. Madrid has aimed to echo this day as well since 2010.