Friday Tap Experience - Barcelona

Posted By Escola Luthier Dansa
WHAT IS FTE? Friday tap experience is an opportunity, created by Joan Terrasa "Terry" in 2017, for tap dancers to learn to teach or simply teach their way of expressing themselves in a class. HOW DOES IT WORK? Each week a different dancer will be in charge for 1:30 class hours. The routines / level and how to distribute the time is totally ajustable by the teacher of the week (you can do technique, slides, coreo, turns, body percussion...) TO WHOM IS IT DIRECTED? FTE works as long as there is a community that wants to grow. If you want to test your ability to adapt to different styles, understand music in different ways, this is your site. DO YOU HAVE TO PAY AT FTE? Only € 5 (1:30 hours)! It is very simple. We have to pay a small rent of the studio, and all the rest is for the teacher of the week! DOES THIS PROJECT ALREADY EXIST IN OTHER CITIES? Yes in Los Angeles(CA)! In 2008 Sarah Reich launched the M.N.T.E. (Monday night tap experience) with the same purpose that we do. There have been teachers like Sarah R, Melinda S, Lee H, Caleb T, Estefania P, Anissa L, Johnnie H, Assata M, Nick Y, Aaron W and many more ...!